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Covid-19 Update: I am still accepting sessions. If either of us show any symptoms then we will cancel. You will be asked to hand wash and rather quaintly we will greet each other with an Indian namaste. We'll be fine.
Your headshot should be as unique as you are. My aim is to craft a headshot that reflects a blend of your visual and emotional integrity as the artist and markets you the professional actor in an honest way. 

I am proud to be in charge of all casting photography for the largest children's theatrical agency in the UK -  Quirky Kidz 
For 25 years I have also been responsible for all the agency headshots for the country's most prestigious theatre school - The Sylvia Young Agency

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How important is your casting shot?

Your headshot is the single most important factor in getting you into TV and film auditions. 

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.......and don’t just believe me, listen to the agents.

"A headshot is of vital importance - it is after all an actor’s first round audition. The war has been lost by the black and white shot, and the UK has followed LA by requiring full colour shots for actors. Its more important than ever for your shot to reflect you accurately but not unflatteringly. You should appear as you would on screen in the TV show or film you aspire to be in."
Stuart Piper - The Piper Agency


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