The advantage of working digitally is that it takes the guesswork out of a photo session and offers the benefits of digital retouching. Both you and I are able to see immediately what you are looking like in camera and what works for you. I  sit you in front of camera and  shoot a series of pictures. You and I then review these pictures on the monitor in the studio. Images you like are saved, and those you don't like are deleted. We then go back and shoot another series of pictures perhaps with different lighting or background and continue in this way throughout the session. The saved images are those that form your contact sheet which is uploaded onto the web within 5 mins of the end of your session. A link sent to your Agent where applicable.

At the end of an hour most people have a contact sheet of around 40-60 images all of which they’re happy with!  Pictures are taken on a variety of different light sources both studio and daylight/location shots.

IMPORTANT: What should I wear
Please bring lots of tops and colors. Casting directors are now asking for color. Please give me a choice of necklines. Think about the sort of looks you want to portray. You will look different in a shirt than you do in a t-shirt. Sometimes a jacket or a hoody will work. Most things will do but avoid busy patterns, stripes and anything too fussy around the neck. Remember girls that it is NECKLINES not BUSTLINES that is important.
DANCERS. Please, please, please DON'T bring a selection of strappy tops for your headshot. All your pictures will look the same because all you see are the straps. If in doubt bring everything and let me choose!
More information in your client area.

You will have your own private client area on my site to view, print and download your images.

"Within weeks after getting my headshots with John I was cast in HBO's Rome and Eastern Promises with David Cronenberg. An unknown actress with no previous work, mainly because my photo did not stand out. Thanks to John I was plucked from not only actresses in England but America as well. I still get comments from casting directors and contacts today on how amazing my picture is. That was four years ago and I finally accepted that i needed to move on! And he has done it again, an awesome picture and a highly enjoyable session. He truly is the boss and i will definitely come back every time." Alice Henley