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Welcome to my site. I photograph more actors headshots in London for the theatrical industry than any other photographer.

Your headshot should be as unique as you are. As one of the most experienced headshot photographers in the country my aim is to craft you a headshot that will sell you the actor. Over the past 25 years I have photographed in many different styles. I have now developed a lighting style that is reminiscent of the way that film and television is lit now. I have always thought that the best headshots of any era has always reflected the lighting styles of films of that generation. I hope that many of my pictures have that visual empathy.
Please read my thoughts about the casting shot here and explore my portfolios. If you wish to book a session you can now do so online.
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How important is your casting shot?
Your casting shot is the single most important factor in getting you into the right casting. How important?  One agent replied "How important is oxygen to the human race". When I asked agents whether they could get their client into an audition without a decent picture one replied "not if they weren't a name" another said "Impossible!".  A good casting shot hopes to get you through the first stage of the audition process. The consensus of opinion is that without a decent headshot your chances of getting into the right casting are negligible.
Your casting shot should be changed at least every 2 years.