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Taking Headshots Tutorial Taking Headshots Tutorial

Welcome to series of blogs concerning headshot photography. I have been an actors headshot photographer for 25 years and before that photographed beauty and glamour. The purpose of these blogs is to share the skills that I have attained working in many different styles of headshot photography. Even though my niche is headshot photography for actors […]

Actors Headshots as a Marketing Tool Actors Headshots as a Marketing Tool

The truth about how your headshot markets you the actor. This blog is written mainly from the perspective of film and TV auditions. The auditions that I refer to are professional auditions for paid acting work. Lets get some things straight first. What headshots don’t do. Your headshot is nothing to do with your talent. […]

Workflows Workflows

I’m a bit of a geek at heart. If I have to do something more than twice I automate the process. Get under the bonnet of your Mac and discover what Applescript and Filemaker can do for your efficiency. Put it this way. It doesn’t matter if I am shooting 2 people in the studio […]

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The Actors Headshot Cheat Sheet

The Actors Headshot Cheat Sheet

Posted by on Apr 26, 2017 in Actors, Headshot Photography | No Comments

A guide of do’s and don’ts to consider before you have your headshot taken As a busy (and experienced) headshot photographer I have seen thousands of actors. I enjoy the job I have been doing for 30 years. I enjoy meeting actors and knowing that I can make significant contribution in furthering their acting career […]

Save disk space using Lightroom

Save disk space using Lightroom

Posted by on Apr 19, 2017 in Lightroom, Workflows | 2 Comments

For obvious reasons the RAW file is the one to keep if you require the highest quality file on which to retouch. But by a a simple change in your Lightroom workflow there are many jobs you might shoot that you can save acres of disk space by saving jpegs. A Canon 5D MK111 RAW […]

Mirrorless (Fuji XT-1) v DSLR debate

Mirrorless (Fuji XT-1) v DSLR debate

Posted by on Jan 13, 2017 in Canon 5D MK111, Fuji X T-1, Photography | One Comment

Why I am selling my mirrorless system (Fuji XT-1) I have been using two Fuji XT-1’s for nearly 3 years. After using Canon for 35 years the honeymoon period for the Fuji is most definitely over and I can now coldly evaluate how well this camera performs in my professional world. All the criticisms below […]

Free Client Management & Image Viewer using Contacts and Dropbox.

Free Client Management & Image Viewer using Contacts and Dropbox.

With this adaption of the original workflow we are going to add more power, save you more time and best of all its free. The script will rename your images, create low res versions and move them to the correct folders, plus some other stuff. Before you start If you haven’t already please read the […]

Using Contacts & Dropbox as a client database and contact sheet viewer

Using Contacts & Dropbox as a client database and contact sheet viewer

Many of you out there will not want to invest in a custom built database or rent an online client area and gallery. If you are a small start up then all you really need is an accounts program, a client database and somewhere for your clients to view your stuff. This is all possible […]

A Handy Get Screenshot App

A Handy Get Screenshot App

Posted by on Nov 1, 2016 in Applescript, Photography | 6 Comments

We all use screen shots from time to. Here is a little automator app that allows you to select the area of the screen you want to snap and saves the file to desktop. All you do is download the file from here and install it somewhere you have easy access to it. I suggest […]


Testimonials from photographers that attended my headshot workshops.

“I jumped at the chance to a one to one workshop day with John for so many reasons. It’s such a rarity to find a genuinely busy, successful and well respected photographer who’s prepared to take time teaching others, and to teach them all aspects of the business – not just the photography, but also the psychology and most important of all, the workflows. The day was busy from start to finish with so much take in that days later I’m still writing additional notes about things we covered on the day.I can’t thank John enough for the new perspective he’s given me. I’m looking forward to putting everything that I’ve learned into practice.”

- Simon Errol – Headshot Photographer

“Spending a day with John was a great experience. The day included lighting techniques with the emphasis on the quality of light and how to get the ‘right’ expression along with improving workflow. My mind is still buzzing and I am looking forward to trying out some new techniques.  I would highly recommend this workshop. “

- Mike Bell – Portrait, Headshot & Wedding Photographer

“Great to be able to tap into your life time of experience and have everything so well explained. A definite plus to join a consumate professional and observe him practicing his craft and have processes and systems explained simple yet comprehensively. Really recommend this full day workshop to any photographer who wants to step up a level with their headshot photography.”

- Peter Mould – Headshot Photographer
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